Founders: Dr. Krishna Saksena


Dr. Krishna Saksena is a retired professor of English from Delhi University and has authored 12 books that are acclaimed as candid, anecdotal, engaging, and deeply thought-provoking by various critics. Prominent personalities like Smriti Irani and Rajnath Singh have launched her books and expressed their personal admiration for her keen grasp of human nature and social issues.

Dr. Krishna Saksena is a well-known author of unbound name and fame. She has written a number of books which include novels, stories & essays. Her works have a unique blend of modernity with tradition. Her language is too simple, her style attractive and contents are dealt with ease and sharpness. She offers to her readers difficult problems solved in an easy and convincing way. The three generations that she takes up are presented in the form of a critical story looking to the interest of the reader. The author has lived a long life of ninety years. She had been witnessing the three generations in her life and found a great difference between the three. If the first was too strict and severe in clinging hard to traditions, the second had softened down to new values of love and helpfulness. In a way it was a beautiful world of togetherness. But this world soon dwindles into a world of selfishness and deceit. Importance of money rules the world. Cutting the throat and living a life of outward show and grand style is the fashion of the day. All this and much more are developed in a story form. Events are developed in a powerful manner that makes the novel both real and revealing.

Dr. Krishna is the first woman in Uttar Pradesh to receive a Ph.D. in English under the tutelage of Professor Evans of Oxford University in London. She published her first book on English grammar in 1978, which soon became popular among students. After her retirement, she continued to provide free tutoring to underprivileged children and worked with an NGO for the welfare of minors in prison.