ASHRAM HISTORY by Dr. Shanker Adawal (Founder)


“I was regular to my visits to Vrindavan and Parikrama. I had first visited it in 1996 with my wife, Renu. A Gujrati businessman had an Ashram, and both stayed there. Renu is from Bikaner, Rajasthan. Times passed and we had Brinda coming in our life – a gift from Bake Behari Ji

During one visit in 1998, while doing Darshan I lost my purse and belongings. I had no money. Sitting desperately with a friend and guide, Gangadhar Nair (lost him in Covid times), a person came and we told him. He said he would drop us by his car. Enroute, he said that he was dealing with land in a remote village known as SUNRAKH. He said one bigha is for Rs 65,000/. Spur of the moment I said I will take it and make an Ashram. He laughed. I had left NORTEL and got some money form there – I invested that and took the land despite odds.

Made a small HUT there and started the Ashram. There was no electricity, and it was not inhabited for huge stretches – only one small dairy the naked eye could see.

Slowly we gathered funds from family, friends and others. The temple came first. My mother (Krishna – a lecturer, author and the first woman PhD in India), a great worshipper and believer of God. She made a lot of efforts in making trips to Jaipur and getting the idols made.

The temple today known as CHEH SHIKHAR WALA MANDIR was founded. Main six deities in temple are Krishna-Radha, Maa Durga, Shri Hanuman, Shri Ganesh, Sai Nath and Shiva Parivar. There are six deities and thus ‘six’ (Cheh/Shatt) Shikhar – THE NAME BY WHICH IT IS POPULAR TODAY.

The Ashram is known as ‘SHRI KRISHNA PRAVAHA ASHRAM’ and grown over the last 24 years. It has rooms, a kitchen to serve food and a GAUN SEVA STHAL.

June 27 and 31st December are two days we celebrate as days when Ashram was opened ,27th being the , Pran Prathishta by Rishi’s from the South and other places .The year end to thank God for the year that has passed .

Baby steps each year with my mother a strong Administrator, Renu a person who brought a lot of people to join the temple activities and a great devotee of Lord Krishna with Vrinda being a support, the temple not only grew in size but also the activities.”